About Us

We have been operating in the footwear market for the last 25 years, in the segment of bonded materials for footwear. We are specialised in the production of sheets and strips bonded with cardboard, latex foam and all kinds of synthetic materials, NOVA GEA today continues to confirm its status as one of the most important companies in the sector’s suppliers’ market.

NOVA GEA’s thirty-year long experience has ensured that the company pays meticulous attention both to the quality of the product and the wellness of the foot: this is possible due to the use of water-based glues that eliminate the need for solvents.

Our mission is to offer our customers an excellent product at extremely competitive prices, and a service which is streets ahead in terms of speed and skill. All of this has led us to become the first choice of the top fashion houses for the creation of their footwear ranges.

Why choose Nova Gea?

Competitive prices
Flexible production
Delivery in 48 hours
Quality control on each single item
Possibility of purchasing finished or semi-finished pieces
Attention to detail
Wide range of combined bonded solutions
Use of top quality raw materials

Join those who have already chosen the quality of our products. Choose NOVA GEA, an essential part of all your shoes.